Laci Kay Somers, la inspiración de los Golden State Warriors


Los Golden State Warriors se sacaron la espina que tenían clavada de la temporada pasada al vengarse de los Clevelands Cavaliers. Los dirigidos por Steve Kerr fueron los mejores en la temporada regular y mostraron un nivel superlativo en los playoffs, al solamente caer en un compromiso.

Además de mantener a Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson y fichar a Kevin Durant tras su excelente andar en los Oklahoma City Thunders, la franquicia de Oakland contó un arma secreta: el apoyo de Laci Kay Somers.

🏀It’s Game Time, I’m so fired up right now to watch this! I hope we close it down tonight and put this series to bed, but it wouldn’t shock me if this goes 7 games! If you remember I predicted 7 games in my FHM article earlier last week! Ahhhh I’m so nervous, let’s go #DubNation! – Comment your prediction on tonight’s game below in the comments! I’m gonna go Warriors 120-115 final.

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Esta instructora de fitness, modelo y actriz siguió bien de cerca las acciones de los Warriors durante toda la temporada y desbordó de alegría tras imponerse en las finales de la NBA ante los Cavs de LeBron James.

It’s finally game day! I’ve been waiting for this since last season, who else is pumped to watch game 1 of the Finals tonight?! I just did an exclusive interview with FHM about the NBA finals! If you wanna know my prediction, who my favorite player is, and what I think about Lebron click the link in my bio and let me know your thoughts!💙🔥#DubNation – Did you read my FHM interview about the game? Let me know your thoughts in the comments about tonight’s game 🏀

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Game 1 tonight against those Spurs, this should be a good series but I’m calling Warriors in 5! Can’t wait to watch it while I’m over here in the U.K. What’s your prediction for the series?! – Let me know your prediction in the comments below! 👇🏻#Dubs

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That’s how you start a playoff series! Solid effort by the Blazers today but our D was flying around everywhere, my boy Green blocking shots out there like Mutombo 👋🏻! These next few weeks are going to be exciting! Also my thoughts and prayers are with Isaiah Thomas as he mourns the loss of his little sister today, go get em #IT4 I’m rooting for you🙏🏼 – Who’s your squad?! #dubnation

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Damn my boys are laying the smackdown on the Blazers tonight! Anyone else loving basketball season?! Who’s your team! I’m confident it will be a rematch in the finals this year, and as long as my dubs don’t kick anyone in the nuts and get suspended we’ll get a banner 💙🔥 #HomeTown – New YouTube dropping tonight, click the link in my bio and check it out 💙

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Awhhhh yeahhh, it’s time for a brand new basketball season! I cannot wait to see my #Warriors go for the championship again this year. Adding KD is gonna be ridiculous for our offense this year, I don’t think they’ll break 73-9 this year, but I do think they’ll beat the Cavs in the finals! Tell me what you think, what are your predictions?! – Comment your favorite basketball team below! 💙💛

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🏀Alright Boys lets do this! My Warriors won the first 2 games, we need to kill it in Cleveland tonight. The first 3 people to guess the correct score BEFORE the game starts will get a phone call from me tonight and I will put it on my SnapChat! Let’s go! #DubNation 🙌🏼 – SnapChat:LaciKaySomers

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🏀They don’t want you to sit court side and watch your #Warriors break #NBA records 😂😜🙌🏼. Check out my snapchat to see what I’m up to at the game! #DubNation #HomeTown #SF @ItsLaciKaySomers SnapChat:👻LaciKaySomers

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